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Hi! I just learned that there's a toxic chemical called BPA on the coating of receipts!  It actually rubs right off on your hands. Here's a card with a link to watch a really funny, 3 minute video that tells you all you need to know. [& For cashier: There are tips for here for keeping yourself safer. I can also give you a flyer to share with the store manager. ] [For manager: This handout lists many steps you could take, starting today, to create a safer store for your employees and customers. Check out the website for more information!]

"'This Will Change How You Shop Forever' is a creative entry-point for the general public into a very serious issue of BPA exposure in our everyday lives. It is just the kind of educational hook that can inspire folks to organize at the local level to protect shoppers, workers and all of us, starting with their hometowns. How will you (and your friends and family) encourage your favorite stores to opt for a better alternative or, better yet, go paperless?”

2. Tell your local cashiers! Print out these cards for cashiers and hand them out when you shop. It makes an otherwise awkward conversation about toxic chemicals super fun and smooth. See below for some easy talking points.(Download the printable card in English)

3. Talk with the managers of your local stores. Print out the flyers for managers and share them with the manager at your favorite stores as you shop. It has easy suggestions for how a manager can adapt new protocols in their store to make their employees and customers safer. (Download the printable card in English, or the printable card in Spanish)

4. Sign this petition to ask that CVS replaces their BPS coated receipts with Phenol-Free paper and to make their E-Receipts accessible to every customer.  

5.Sign this petition to ask that target change their receipt policy in all of their stores across the nation.  

6. Take this pledge from our partner Green America to commit to reducing receipts in your personal life. And if you live locally in Western MA, sign our local Holyoke Pledge/Petition!


Help Make Your Campus Go Phenol-Free In Its Cafeterias, Food Courts, And Stores. If Your School Has A Group Working On Divestment Or Environmental Campaigns, Connect With Them To Help Launch A Campaign To Have Your School Switch To Safer Alternatives. If Your School Is In Massachusetts Talk With Us To About How To Turn This Project Into A Work Study Or College Credited Experience.



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 -Mary Jones, Toxics Action Center

1. Share our videos Don't Take That Receipt, and It's Not Just Receipts Anymore... . To make an even bigger impact, tag specific people and send it out in a personalized emails.